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Where to begin

I am often asked by people about the best way to start a yoga practice. I have been practicing yoga for the best part of 5 years now and it’s the great balance for my running by building my strength and flexibility.

I came to yoga when I was looking for a physical practice that didn’t involve hours in the gym. I soon realised that what had started as a few movements to build strength and increase flexibility was actually so much more and the love affair began. Now yoga gives me the chance to still my mind, to feel great physically and to embrace a spiritual path that gives me a sense of joy and connection.

Yoga is a practice rooted in love and respect and kindness. It is about being where you are and moving forward where you are. It has grounded me, supported me and helped me to flourish in a way that I didn’t expect.

Through yoga I have found my own community amongst teachers that are incredible, in their practice and their life. I’ve found new friendships amongst those I teach and those who teach me. We are sharing the bliss that yoga can created together.

Yoga has opened my mind and heart. That’s my journey, and it is different for everyone……

Do I think you’ll love yoga? Do I think it will change your life? Do I think it will be an easy transition into? That’s completely up to you! It will depend on what you can give to it (like so much in life), whether it’s the right time for you.

If it’s not yoga, then I hope you can find some physical movement that lights you up the way that yoga does for me. There really are so many things you could do. Really, the only important thing is that you move your body and you enjoy it while you’re doing it – find your happy place!

If you decide that you want to give yoga a go here’s a few tips on how to do it:


You can come and practice with me, details of my classes are here, or contact me to arrange a one-to-one.

However, remember that there are lots of different types of yoga (I wrote a blog about some of them here), if my classes don’t suit you then try a different studio or teacher – I promise that there is one out there for you!


There are lots of places to look online to begin yoga. When I started on my yoga journey I often used an app called “Down Dog”. Down Dog offers a brand new yoga practice each time you log on and gives you the option to download the workouts that you really enjoy to do again. The app has over 30,000 different configurations and gives you the power to build a yoga practice you love! Choose your favourite voice, your level and time available to get started. I personally have always used the free version which has lots of different workouts, but you can also pay to unlock unlimited access (£7.99 per month, or £48.99 per year)

I have heard lots of good things about OneOEight The website has lots of instruction methods, class lengths, and teachers. Basically it has something for everyone! Try it free for 10 days and then it is only $14/month after.

Yoga Glow has also been recommended to me which offers unlimited access to online yoga, pilates and meditation classes for $18/month.

There are lots of Yoga teachers available on YouTube, my favourites include Kino Yoga and Adriene Louise. Maybe one day there will also be a Ke-Yoga YouTube channel!!

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any other thoughts to share or questions to ask, then please do get in touch.

Most of all, I hope that whatever you choose to do helps you to feel empowered, important, and cherished. Because you are!

Sending you love and light!


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