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Crystal Sound Healing

The benefits of sound healing on the mind and body

I have been lucky enough to work with and experience the beautiful sound healing offered by Stara-Fay of Lemuria Sounds. We will be collaborating again in February to offer another Yoga and Sound Immersion and so I thought it might be useful to dive a little deeper into what sound healing is and its benefits on the mind and body,.

If you want to experience the practice for yourself do join us on Friday 25 February in Stutton for a beautiful evening of movement, sound and community. Details and booking are included on my classes page.

Sound Healing is an ancient practice that has been used for healing for centuries. It involves the use of sacred instruments or voice to release energetic blockages which creates a state of ease and harmony in the body and mind.

In recent years many people have begun to use sound healing for physical, emotional or mental challenges as a way to support them on their journey of healing.

We know that everything is vibration, including us. We know that atoms, the smallest matter which make up our cells are always vibrating. This means that each of us carries our own unique vibration, along with everything else in the world. Different states and emotions vibrate at a different frequency – meaning things like joy, love, and gratitude are going to vibrate higher than things like shame, fear and guilt.

Crystal bowls offer vibrations and sounds that allow our body and mind to harmonize to their vibration and because we are primed to receive their sound, they can evoke transformation and healing. We can also begin to release any blockages in our bodies through the raising of our vibration with the bowls.

Sound healing invites our mind into a meditative state. There are 5 main brain wave states. When we are active, conscious and getting things done we are in one state. When we are resting, meditating and allowing our mind to relax, we are in another state. It can be challenging for people to get to the restful and meditative state, this is why crystal bowls are so amazing. People can lie back, relax and let the sounds and vibrations of these bowls carry them into the state of meditation and relaxation. Other benefits of sound healing include:

  • Lower stress levels

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Pain relief

  • More balance and harmony in life

  • Energy healing

  • Improved sleep

Crystal sound healing is a beautiful practice that can support amazing shifts in peoples lives. I highly recommend giving this practice a try.

Sarah. x

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