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Life is for living

I was reminded today by one of my students of a lesson that I think I may have forgotten lately; that this life is not a to-do list or a series of chores. This life is for living and if I spend it checking boxes or ticking things off a list I’m not really fully living my life.

The more I thought about this conversation the more it felt like an opportunity to check in on how I’m living.

Am I present in my life? Am I here or am I just crossing things off the list? If today was my last day would it have been a good one?

In this digital world it is easy to be lulled into unhelpful comparison or to buy into the “once I have that I will be happy” instead of looking inside yourself and trusting your own intuition (I know because that happens to me regularly)

So, today I will be working with these thoughts, getting clear on what I want to fill my life with and what I no longer need.

When I am looking for clarity yoga as a practice is always there for me as a way to clear my mind of the chatter and get to the real fundamentals. Moving my body with thoughtfulness and intention is a powerful tool for uncovering the thoughts and ideas I may not have known were there.

If you have something that you want to work on or if you need to clear your mind-chatter then yoga can be an amazing tool to have in your armoury. If you would like to practice with me, either in a group or 1-1 feel free to get in touch (details on the link in my bio).


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